Current version: 1.4.2

Free 1-Year-Free Licence

Smart SMS 1-Year-Free Licence is free.
It is valid for one year.
It allows sending of up to 1000 SMS.

System requirement:

Operating System:

  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8 or
  • Windows 10

Hardware requirement:

  • GSM modem and
  • Telephone SIM card

Recommended GSM modem:
DLink DWM-156 3.75G HSUPA USB adapter, DLink DWM-152 3.5G HSDPA USB adapter or equivalent.

Smart SMS App download
(with 1-Year Free Licence)

For Windows Vista or Windows 7, click here to download.

For Windows 8 or Windows 10, click here to download.


Smart SMS application perpetual user licence one-off price: only at $69.00 (USD) or RM199.00 (MYR)


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How much does it cost to send SMS with Smart SMS?
Smart SMS sends out SMS through GSM Modem with SIM card from telephone companies (telcos). The cost of sending SMS is based on the SMS plan of the telcos.

With this system, users have a choice of choosing the best SMS rate available in the market, for example, in Malaysia there are offers from the prepaid system to send SMS at a very low SMS rate. It can be lower than any post-paid system or system charged by the web-base SMS system.

Most telcos do not charge the sender if the SMS failed to deliver. Smart SMS is sending direct from the telco SIM card, this provides an added advantage of cost savings on SMS failed to deliver.

How secure is my data in Smart SMS?
Your contact data is saved in database in your computer, not in third party server. This reduces the risk of data been taken by others without your consent.

SMS are directly sent and received with the GSM modem through telephone company, similar to sending and receiving them through your handphone, not required to go through another party, third party web app.

Sent and received SMS are directly saved in the database in your computer, not in third party server. It greatly improves SMS message security and confidentiality.

Can Smart SMS send SMS with ACSII and Unicode (e.g. Chinese) characters?
Yes. Smart SMS can send SMS with ASCII and Unicode characters.

The number of characters per SMS for ASCII characters (like alphabets and numbers) is 160 whereas for Unicode (e.g. Chinese) characters it is 70.

Smart SMS automatically sets the modem to ASCII mode when sending SMS with ASCII characters. This is to make full use of the 160 characters per SMS instead of 70.

When sending SMS with Unicode characters, it automatically sets the modem to Unicode mode. With this mode, recipient will see the proper Unicode characters, otherwise, the Unicode characters will appear as “?” mark.

Can Smart SMS send out payment reminders to contacts with different amount?
        Can it also include personalised salutation (e.g. Dear John) for each SMS?
Yes. Smart SMS can create standard template with fields. The fields can be filled with data, for example, payment amount due for each contact.

Below is an example of a standard template with two fields, FIELD1 and FIELD2. It also includes the SALUTATION field:

[SALUTATION], your piano lesson fee of amount [FIELD1] is overdue. Kindly make your payment at our centre before [FIELD2]. TQ. From: ABC Piano.

Now, you have two students, John and Mary. You have saved “Dear John” and “Dear Mary” in the database as their salutation. Say John’s piano fee is RM300 and to be paid before 31/01/2013 and Mary’s is RM400 to be paid before 15/02/2013.

These data can be easily entered to the system and the SMS send out will be as follows:

For John: Dear John, your piano lesson fee of amount RM300 is overdue. Kindly make your payment at our centre before 31/01/2013. TQ. From: ABC Piano.

For Mary: Dear Mary, your piano lesson fee of amount RM400 is overdue. Kindly make your payment at our centre before 15/02/2013. TQ. From: ABC Piano.

Can you show an example how to use contact-groups to manage payment
Let says here we have a residential guarded security, where security fees are to be paid annually but not compulsory.

In order to improve participation of the residents in the security, SMS is sent out regularly to remind the residents to pay the security fee, for those who have paid, reminder SMS will not be sent to them.

With Smart SMS, this simple but tedious task can be done easily.

First, save the residents data (handphone, name and address) in Smart SMS. Set them to Member contact-group.

At the beginning of each year, select all the contacts under Member contact-group, and set them to To-Remind contact-group.

o Send SMS payment reminder to all contacts under the To-Remind contact-group.
o Remove the To-Remind contact-group from those who have made the payment.
o Resend at regular interval to those who are still under the To-Remind contact-group.

Repeat the updating of those who have paid by removing them from the To-Remind group and send SMS reminder again to those who are still under the group.

Can Smart SMS send SMS automatically according to the desire date and time?
To send SMS with Smart SMS, first, the SMS must be generated for the desire recipients.
Each generated SMS will have the date and time of sending.

The generated SMS can be sent out automatically according the date and time set.
There is also option to send the generated SMS immediately regardless of the date and time set.

Can Smart SMS trace all SMS sent to a particular contact?
Smart SMS keeps a record of all SMS sent. It saves the SMS message, hand phone number, name (if it is in the database), date and time of sending, and the status of whether the SMS is sent successfully or not.

A report can be printed out to show all SMS that had been sent to a particular contact. The information of the report includes those mentioned above.

Smart SMS also provides report of SMS sent on a particular date. Other report options can be viewed from the SMS Report Window by clicking the Report menu in the Smart SMS app.

All reports can be saved as Excel, PDF or Word file.

Can Smart SMS receive incoming SMS and produce reports on received-SMS?
Smart SMS is a 2-Way system. It can send and receive SMS.

Smart SMS transfers the SMS from Modem memory or SIM Card memory to Smart SMS database.
Reports are produced from the Received-SMS in the database.

Received-SMS can be formatted into columns in the report. Message Splitter is used to divide the SMS into different data column. A keyword is used to filter the required SMS for the report.

Below is an example of a received-SMS with keyword and splitter, and show how it is displayed in a report with different columns.

In this example, sender is expected to send SMS to tell he wants to attend a seminar by a letter “Y” and provide his name and email address for correspondence.

The keyword used in this example is “SEM” for seminar (it can be any other word), and message splitter used is slash (“/”).

The SMS send by the sender will be:          SEM/Y/John/

Smart SMS will split the SMS and show in the report as below:

     Keyword      SMS Column 2      SMS Column 3      SMS Column 4
        SEM                    Y                        John     

How Smart SMS manages seminars or events invitation by SMS?
Smart SMS performs the following actions to manage SMS invitation for seminars or events:

(a) Send invitation-SMS out to targeted recipients.
... ... Recipients reply (or do not reply) with SMS on whether to attend the function.
(b) Update the status from the reply SMS.
(c) Send thank-you-SMS to acknowledge those who reply.
(d) Send invitation-SMS again at appropriate interval do those who have not reply.
(e) Send reminder-SMS one day before the function to those who are attending the

What is the number shown in recipient's handphone for SMS sent from
        Smart SMS?
It follows the telephone number of the SIM card used.

Recipient can reply with SMS to the number. The replied SMS will be processed by Smart SMS to come up with reports for analysis.

Can USB modem from telephone company (telco) be used with Smart SMS?
It is not recommended to use USB modems from telco, they might not be compatible with Smart SMS.

For example, USB modem from telco might not allow saving of incoming SMS in modem memory, thus no received-SMS can be transferred to Smart SMS database.

How does Smart SMS organises contacts in the database?
        How does the contact organisation help in SMS sending?
Smart SMS organises contacts into contact-category and contact-group.

Each contact can only belong to one contact-category whereas a contact can belong to more than one contact-group.

You can make use of them according to your requirement.

For example, you can make a contact-category list like:
        A.   Very important customer
        B.   Important customer
        C.   Not important customer

And for a contact-group list, you can set as example below:
        A.   Like to eat durian
        B.   Like to eat apple
        C.   Like to eat mango

A contact can either be Very Important, Important or Not Important customer. So we can set the contact-category to A, B or C.

The contact can like to eat only durian, he/she can also like to eat durian and apple or like all the 3 fruits for example.

If he/she likes to eat only durian, we set him/her belongs to A contact-group, if he/she likes to eat durian and apple, we set him/her belongs to A and B contact-groups, and if he/she likes to eat all the fruits, we set him/her belongs to A, B and C contact-groups

When we want to send SMS to all our Very Important customers, we can select all the contacts under contact-category A.

If we want to do a durian promotion this month, we can select all contacts belong to contact- group A and send our promotion SMS to them.

Next month, if we want to do an apple promotion, we can do the same by selecting all contacts belong to contact-group B.

In the above example, if we send an SMS to a contact of a contact-category, the contact will not receive SMS sending to other contact-category.

If we send a SMS to a contact of a contact-group, the contact might also receive SMS sending to other contact-group if he/she is also belong to the group.

What are the reports available in Smart SMS?
There are reports on sent-SMS, received-SMS and on contacts that have been saved in the database.

Sent-SMS report shows the status of SMS delivery, i.e. whether they are successfully sent or not.
Data includes handphone number, name, SMS sending date and time, SMS message and the delivery status mentioned above.

Types of sent-SMS report are:
           a. On Selected handphone number or name.
           b. On Selected set sending date.
           c. On Selected actual sending date.
           d. On Selected set sending date and time.
           e. On all SMS sent.

Contact report shows data of handphone number, name, salutation, contact-category and contact-groups.

Types of contact report are:
           a. On Selected handphone or name.
           b. On Selected contact-category.
           c. On Selected contact-group.
           d. On all the contacts in the database.

All the reports above can be printed direcly from Smart SMS or save them in Excel, PDF or Word file.

What file format can we use to import contact data into Smart SMS?
You can import contact data with file in Excel, CSV or XML file format.

Data in the file can be:
           a. Only handphone number.
           b. Handphone number and name.
           c. Handphone number, name and salutation.
           d. Handphone number, name, salutation and address.

Where can I look for support on Smart SMS?
Email support on Smart SMS is free.

It can be accessed from the "Email Support" item in the menu in Smart SMS app.

From the "Email Support" window, key in the question you like to ask.

You may also report to us on the bug found in Smart SMS or provide feedback for improvement in the "Email Support" window.

What are the types of Licence offered for Smart SMS?
There are two types of Smart SMS licence, “1-Year Free Licence” and “Perpetual Licence”.

“1-Year Free Licence” is valid for one year. It enables Smart SMS to send up to 1000 SMS. It is free.

“Perpetual Licence” enables Smart SMS to send unlimited SMS with no time limit.
With the Perpetual Licence User ID and Licence Key, Smart SMS can be reinstalled to the same computer and restore the data in the event, for example, hard disc crash.

Both licences are computer-specific, it cannot be use to activate Smart SMS in another computer, and they are not transferable.

"Perpetual Licence" is now offer at an introductory price of RM199.00.