Smart SMS

Current version: 1.4.2

Free 1-Year-Free Licence

Smart SMS 1-Year-Free Licence is free.
It is valid for one year.
It allows sending of up to 1000 SMS.

System requirement:

Operating System:

  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8 or
  • Windows 10

Hardware requirement:

  • GSM modem and
  • Telephone SIM card

Recommended GSM modem:
DLink DWM-156 3.75G HSUPA USB adapter, DLink DWM-152 3.5G HSDPA USB adapter or equivalent.

Smart SMS App download
(with 1-Year Free Licence)

For Windows Vista or Windows 7, click here to download.

For Windows 8 or Windows 10, click here to download.


Smart SMS application perpetual user licence one-off price: only at $69.00 (USD) or RM199.00 (MYR)

Application Highlights

Effective SMS marketing - Property Sector

Smart SMS provides effective SMS marketing in the property sector.

It helps to organise the property clients' needs, prepare SMS updates for sending to the right target at the right time. It avoids spamming and unnecessary wastage of money on unproductive SMS sending.

Dental Care-Routine Checkup Reminder SMS

Using Smart SMS to create SMS reminders to customers after every dental care-routine checkup.

SMS are scheduled to be sent out to customers 6 months later to remind them on the next checkup. It is easily managed by Smart SMS.

Seminar Registration With SMS

Allow registration of attendance for seminar is a convenient option for the audience. It greatly increases the participation rate.

This video shows how this can be done easily with Smart SMS. All seminar registration by SMS are captured, and registered list can be saved in Excel, PDF or Word file.

Café & Restaurant SMS Promotion

Simple and eazy to implement SMS promotion solution for café and restaurant business.

From patrons subscribe for promotion updates to patrons re-visit café and restaurant.

Manages few outlets without server or internet connection.

Car Service SMS Reminder

Create customer loyalty by providing SMS reminders to customers when their cars are due for the next routine service.

A complete 4 steps solution starts from completing car service to reminding clients for re-visit.

SMS Seminar Invitation Management

Manages SMS seminar invitation.

From sending of invitation-SMS to sending of follow-up-SMS to those who reply to attend, not to attend or does not reply. Sending reminder-SMS when seminar is near. Print list of candidates who are attending.